At Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners (TCWP), our mission is to protect and restore water quality and habitats of the Tinker’s Creek and Brandywine Creek watersheds through community partnership. This could not be possible without the support of our members.

We connect over twenty communities and thousands of watershed residents in addition to working regionally across Ohio. Your support helps make a difference directly in the Tinker’s Creek and Brandywine Creek Watersheds, and the entire Central Lake Erie Basin through our partnerships. Below are some of our anticipated events and outreach opportunities we have planned next year that your logo and business could be featured at. This is not an exhaustive list, as we take frequent requests from our member communities throughout the year.

2022 Planned Initiatives:

  • Rain barrel workshops
  • Invasive/Foraged Dinner
  • Golf Outing
  • Kayak Runs
  • Drinkers for Tinker’s
  • Stream clean ups
  • Tree plantings
  • Professional Workshops/Webinars for CEUs
  • The Ohio Stormwater Conference
  • Public presentations to community groups and municipalities
  • Owen Brown Stream Restoration Project
  • Grant writing for our communities including stream restoration, reforestation, land protection, etc.
  • Virtual Hikes (each sponsored by a member)



As a member of Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners, you will be able to attend TCWP Board Meetings as a non-voting member.  This allows you to stay up-to-date on the current conditions of the watershed and how you can help.  Additionally, you will be invited to all of our volunteer and watershed explorer events, including stream clean-ups, a new annual race, and more.  At all of our workshops and fundraising events as well as all publications, you will be recognized as an environmental steward.  Become a member today.

All Membership Levels details are listed on the Individual Membership Flyer and the “Become a Member” link.

Watershed Friend:                 $ 25

Watershed Supporter:           $ 50

Watershed Advocate:           $100

Watershed Hero:                   $300

Pond Brook Premier
Hawthorne Creek
Beaver Run
Wood Creek
Deer Lick